International Business and Brand Development Strategist with a focus on Impact and Circular Economy solutions as well as organizational and behavioral change.

Nowadays the importance of sustainable value creation is more important than ever. As society faces more and newer challenges. Such as the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Black Lives Matters, more female leadership, Loneliness and Ageing. This growing demand for more Diveristy within businesses and government, and a better understanding of societal challenges. Requires innovators who can live up to the challenge. Hence, I try to bring about these changes through my experience in developing concepts, and other solutions that have an longterm impact on society. By applying Marketing, Branding and Analytical skills improvement can be communicated more effectiviley.

Desired goals such as an improved end-to-end customer experience. Empowering businesses to grow internationally through both profit and impact is part of my global strategy to merge Culture and Values. Leading to better and more Corporate Social Responsibility.

Success is based on a complete and neatly integrated package of the above mentioned and many other aspects.

I have noticed that many organisations are in need of help regardless of their size. As they don't always realise that assistance and insights provided from or through an external looking glass will benefit them far more than continuosly struggeling to keep afloat.

Industries, Organisations and Business

  • - Payments and Fintech
  • - Food and Hospitality Services
  • - Governmental Institutions
  • - Non-for-Profit Organisations and Foundations
  • - Safety
  • - Social, and Housing organizations

Experience //

Juror of Innovative Solutions

University Lecturer

Business Process Analyst

Hackathon / Design Sprint Program Developer

Circular Economy Business Plan Developer

Customer Success Manager

Social Engagement Coach

Awards Programm Developer


Lecturer and Guest Speaker

Housing in general must be accessible for everyone. Therefore we provide inspirational presentations and workshops for professionals in this line of work.


Food and Hospitality Industry

Food is important to enhance the quality of life. Insights provided to hospitality, facility, and restaurant professionals to create the best overall experience.


International Business and Consulting

Working with a broad variety of professionals all around the world enables me to achieve the best results possible. Recent activities have been in Indonesia, Germany, The Netherlands and USA.

Non Profit

Professional Juror

Consulting and assessing the professional catering industry with fellow industry professionals.


+31(0)6 24 301 799